Young Children’s Extremely Intense Interests: Links to Resources Discussed at the Symposium Play Station

On February 20 Eric presented a play station exhibit at the Collaboration for Early Childhood’s 2015 Symposium. This year’s theme was, “Dance of Diversity: Meeting the Unique Needs of Every Child.” Intense interests are one way that young children can be unique.

The play station was entitled, Supporting Young Children’s Extremely Intense Interests: A work in progress….  An extremely intense interest was defined as “a passionate, sometimes bordering on obsessive, fascination with and attraction to a particular category of objects or activities” (after DeLoache, Simcock, & Macari, 2007).  The “work in progress” tagline was added because I wanted participants to help me figure out how I can best support parents and other caregivers who want to support their children’s extremely intense interests.

Below there are links to resources mentioned at the Play Station:

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