The Salt the Sandbox website has been deleted.

The world has changed a lot since I started the Salt the Sandbox website almost 20 years ago. Back then I used the website to tell my family’s day-in-the-life stories as we engaged with our interests in insects, cars, dinosaurs, rocks, and more. Now everyone can share their own families’ stories continuously on social media.


The homepage of the Salt the Sandbox website, established in August, 2000.

The old Salt the Sandbox website also listed activities parents with extremely interested children could do to engage with their children’s interests. Now you can find an overabundance of activity ideas on Pinterest, parenting blogs, and more.

And if, in the past, you’ve used the Neighborhood Rocks website to help identify rocks you found, there are now Facebook groups where you’ll find lots of rock collectors to discuss your specimens.

I may decide to bring back at least a few pages from the old Salt the Sandbox website. If you’ve got some ideas about resources that would be particularly useful to you, please describe them in the comments section, below, and I’ll see what I can do.

If you want to see what the old Salt the Sandbox website looked like, you can visit the Wayback Machine:  (Please note that the internal links within the archived saltthesandbox website work, but most of the external links do not.)
I also preserved most of the pages as Word files.

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