Nature and Science Programs with Activities for All Interest Levels at Wonder Works

The Nature and Science activities we do at Wonder Works on Friday mornings try to both inspire and support children’s interests.

There are fun activities centered on nature, science, and technology topics for children of all ages and levels of interest. Children with a deeper interest get some one-on-one time with the resident scientist. (That’s me!)

Here’s what we’ve been doing recently:

Friday, January 9: Birds in Winter Touch real bird feathers and bones and see what kinds of foods birds eat when they spend the winter near Chicago. Then look for plush birds in the Wonder Works orchard and Great Outdoors exhibit.

Friday, January 16: Mammals in Winter Touch real mammal skins and see how their teeth help them eat the foods available in winter. You can help pretend mammals find places that protect them from winter winds and snow.

Friday, January 23: Bugs in Winter Meet some live bugs and worms that spend the winter deep in the soil or in rotten logs. You also can see and touch egg cases, cocoons, and other shelters made by last summer’s bugs

Friday, January 30: Reptiles and Amphibians in Winter Meet some live and preserved reptiles and amphibians at our museum table. Then help our plastic and plush turtles, snakes, and frogs find safe places to sleep away the winter’s chill.

Friday, February 6: Collect Rocks Sift rocks from the sandbox and search for more in bins of gravel. You can keep your best finds for your collection. We will also have rocks you can play with using play dough, diggers, dump trucks, and wooden trains.

Friday, February 13: Make Volcanoes Experiment with three different ways to make pretend volcanoes at home using easily obtained materials. We will also have samples of volcanic rocks that you can touch and add to your collection.

Friday, February 20: Find and Make Crystals Sift crystals from the sandbox and search for pieces of broken geodes. We will also show you how to make crystals at home, and there will be larger crystal to see close up and touch.

Friday, February 27: Rivers and Currents Feel the power of moving water! You might get a little wet as you make rivers and currents in the water tables in the Art Room. We will also play with pretend water using toy boats on the train table and plastic water creatures in blue play dough.

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