ABOUT the Salt the Sandbox Blog

The Salt the Sandbox blog is an adjunct to my existing website, SaltTheSandbox.org, which describes some of the extremely intense interests my children, Ethan and Aaron, have gone through as they’ve grown, and how my wife, Gail, and I supported them.

Like all blogs, posts here in the center of the page are sequenced in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top). However, since most folks will discover any given post weeks or months after it was written, I’ve organized the sidebars to the left like standard Web page navigation menus, based more on content and less on when posts were written.

The left menu bar includes links to some important resources:

  • About page and Examples of children’s extremely intense interests.
  • Bibliographies about children’s extremely intense interests.
  • Posts Related to Specific Interest Areas that children develop, like Dinosaurs, Rocks, Cars, Trains, or whatever.
  • Tagged Topics provide a more detailed sorting of Salt the Sandbox blog posts.

The right menu bar includes more standard blog navigation features:

  • Recent Posts from this blog
  • Recent Salt the Sandbox Tweets from my Twitter account
  • Recent Comments by readers
  • Archive for this blog
  • links to websites and web pages written by me or others who are interested in children’s interests

I hope you find my blog posts enjoyable and/or useful!


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