Supporting Parents and Caregivers

Research suggests that adult support makes a difference in maintaining and enriching children’s interests. If you decide to support and contribute to your child’s extremely intense interest, there’s a world of help out there for you, if you can just find it.

There are adults who share your child’s interest, and they are doing cool things that your child would enjoy—sometimes for work, sometimes just for fun. Because of that, our communities are filled with resources to help build and sustain children’s interests, including clubs, websites, hobby shows, stores, libraries, museums, and more.

The trick is that, for each interest, the parent-support system is different, and the available resources vary from place to place. I’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to help parents find the right support for their children’s interests in their community.

Do you have ideas about how to do that? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section, below. You also can ask for more specific types of support in the Comments section or by emailing me at

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